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Products from other publicers and artists

There are alot of different products for sale from artists and companies using my photos.

On this page are some of the art, calendars and books from artists and publishers I work with.

Lucy Colegate from the UK ( @drawingsbylucy ) makes beautiful pencil drawings. Cards, prints and even the original are soon available from my work.

to Lucies website

For the company

Pip & Nut

I did adverticement work.

Lucy VanDelft from the Netherlands makes large

3D art prints from my work. She can make from

every photo I have 3D art.

You can contact her via the email

Email: Lucy VanDelft

The company


sells postcards

T-shirts, masks mugs etc... for sale with my photos.

If you want products with other photos from me I can put them there

to the shop

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