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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are these animals alive?

They are living wild animals free in the forest visiting me daily.

Q. Do you use photoshop?

I use photoshop to clone out wires, pins or things like food buckets. My photoshop skills are not good enough to put in new elements in my photos, therefore I photo the objects in the same time when the animals interact with them.

Also I use photoshop to stack 2 photos from the same scene. Although there can show up 6 squirrels at the same time it is rare to have them both standing the way I want therefore I capture 2 photos with the squirrels in different places in the same scene.

Q. Can I use your photo's for my art?

No. I do not allow artists to use my work.

I started to allow some professional artists to use my art in exchange for a fee of the sales.

Q. Do the squirrels have names?

Although I have close contact with the animals I am not giving them names. It is every time again to find a balance between that they are totally independent and still visiting my garden.

Q. Can we bring you a visit?

I am a very private person and it is rare I socialise in daily life. 4 times a year I organise photo workshops for max 2 persons. For the rest I try to have

visitors as less as possible.

Q. Can I share your photo's on social media?

Yes with mentioning my name and you are not commerciel, but for background or profile photo's I charge money.